Noodle is our sixteen-year-old miniature poodle.

He is blind.

He is deaf.

He has advanced cognitive dysfunction, which is similar to human Alzheimer’s disease.

This should be an easy call, right?

He is also happy, carefree and pain-free.

We almost called it when he started losing scary amounts of weight.

I consulted a veterinarian at Science Diet. Thank you for your help Dr. Kenworthy!

We increased his food intake. Our miniature poodle now eats enough for a forty-pound dog, but he is back to an appropriate weight. He paces constantly, which will burn a crazy amount of calories, but he may also have SBI, a new term I learned from Dr. Thomassen and Becky, “Something Bad Inside.”

At least he does not have what Dr. Dave Nicol calls EFT – every f-ing thing.

I am not ready. I don’t know how to ask Noodle if he is ready.

I am not calling it today.