From March 2015:

We named the new kid Luna Lovegood. It is the first name we all four agreed on, and I love her as much as I would love the original Luna Lovegood. 

She and Joy growled at each other last night, but must have talked it out, because today they are buddies.

Noodle LOVES her, and they are speed walking everywhere together. After Luna was redirected from chewing a cord FOUR times, Noodle went up and licked the same cord, and they both were ousted from the room. Is that what you meant when you said maybe she would teach Noodle to be a puppy again, Becky?

I went to put my tennies on just now, but can only find one. Welcome (back) to puppyhood! 

Dr. Byers is helping us with her next medical and dietary steps, and she is not even a little potty trained, so we totally have our work cut out for us.

I sure am a sucker for a cute face.


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March 1, 2016