Max started life as a barn kitten near Ames Iowa. He was brought into the Iowa State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a blood donor at nine months of age, where he met a hundred vet students a year. We would play with Max and his roommate Smokey when we needed to de-stress or avoid studying.

Russ and I adopted Max when I graduated from vet school in 1998. We moved to Colorado, and several years later, as a larger family, home to Omaha.

Max always wanted to be in the middle of whatever board game, dinner, slumber party or gathering was occurring. He truly was an extrovert in a family of introverts. He loved people, tolerated dogs and was not a fan of cats.

Max survived four moves, three Poodles, one Dachshund mix, one Lab mix, five rats, one mouse, one guinea pig, one gerbil, one iguana, one foster dog and many foster kittens.

He is survived by Russ, who thought he was not a cat person, and who, it turns out, very much is, Amanda and Abby, Joy the Puppy, Noodle the Poodle and me. He is very missed. Max was a good cat...and well loved.

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