At the 89th and Grant Gentle Doctor location, we have only (beautiful) dog art.

Dr. Bashara agreed to let Becky pick out cat-themed art for the hospital location and to buy the art that she chose.

As a surprise to the rest of us, Becky had Omaha artist Autumn Armstrong paint pictures of our own cats.

Here is the picture of Max the Cat with Dr. Miranda Thomassen’s Samson. Samson and Max passed away within weeks of each other last year. For both of our families, they were the first cats we had as adults. 

Max and Samson at the Rainbow Bridge by  Autumn Armstrong

Max and Samson at the Rainbow Bridge by Autumn Armstrong

I love this picture so much.

This is the first time I have been tempted to show a picture in full color on this website The colors of Autumn Armstrong's paintings are happy and brilliant. The rainbow is beautiful. Our kitties' wings even sparkle.

I am - with her blessing - posting the painting, and I have decided to keep the colors true to what dogs and cats see.

Even with the muted wings and rainbow, this painting makes me so happy. How great is it that it arrived the week I was missing Max the most?

Thank you Dr. Bashara.

Thank you Autumn.

Thank you Becky.