I turned my phone off for our ENTIRE weeklong vacation last summer and felt horrible false guilt. I am always available.

It was the week before the Gentle Doctor Open House, which I had been helping plan forever.

I returned to town and turned my phone on the day of the event.

I had missed two important messages. One I was okay with – social media can almost always wait, and one I felt horrible about – a call from a veterinarian friend about a very sick kitten.

Call 1: Dr. Bashara had asked me to post that our little foster dog Angel was adopted. In the time I was gone, I missed posting the news, she was returned to us and she got a perfect forever home…then I posted it.

Call 2: I was not there to give Dr. Thomassen sick kitten advice. She figured it out because she is awesome, and…she adopted him!

Also, the Open House was a huge success. The team totally handled the week of social media and event prep.

After such a great, needed vacation in which all was just fine back home, I may some day take another real vacation.