A couple months ago, my favorite veterinary pathologist (YES, doesn't everyone?) called me. I assumed I had cross sectioned a mass inappropriately or he had questions about a case.

Dr. Larry McGill said, "Shawn, I want you to write for me."

I may have screamed like I did at the beginning of my "Life with Dogs" or "Omaha.net" or "Carefresh" or "dvm360" assignments. I scream so infrequently, you would think I would remember.

Unbeknownst to me, Dr. McGill had recently started a position as the editor of the veterinary journal, "Advances in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery."

Because I know Dr. McGill, and that I could safely say it, I said, "Yes!" THEN I asked what the assignment was. Then I asked my friend and, more importantly in this situation, my boss at dvm360, Brendan Howard, if I could take off on this new adventure while still writing with dvm360. (Thank you Brendan!)

So now I am the first General Practice Editor of Advances in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. I am the only non-specialist on the editorial board. (It seems weird to be proud of being a non-specialist, but as much as I love my specialist colleagues, this has always been a good fit for me, and I love it...mostly. Especially since I get so many fun writing assignments!)

The very first piece I submitted for the journal opened with a dragon, and they kept me, so I think that is a good sign.

This will be a fun road you guys. I am taking you with me!