On New Year’s Day a few years ago, Dad said he was going to stop using the word “worry.” I was skeptical. Not that Dad would  do it – he always does what he says he will do. And not that Dad would not worry – he is not a worrier by nature, he is the type of calm, logical person I try so hard to be.

I was skeptical that changing your language could change your life.

I cannot pass up a good New Year’s resolution, and I love co-challenges with Dad, so I too resolved to not use the word.

Three plus years later, I caught myself saying “I am worried…I mean, I am concerned about Puppy’s rate of healing.”

After worry, it is time to fret. And wonder how a problem will be solved.

After concern, it is time to solve, starting with taking the next step.

Dad, you were, of course, right. Thank you for once again introducing me to a little attitude change that has made a big difference.