Our family went to dinner at the new Flagship Commons in Westroads Mall on the evening of Wednesday December 30, 2015. Flagship Commons is a varied collection of restaurants all owned by the same group. Their branding has all been done by my brother Dave Nelson's company, SecretPenguin, so we have heard about it's creation and development over the past several months, and have been eager to go. It was great!

All four of us ate rice bowls and sushi from Yum Roll. It was all wonderful.

The place was crazy busy. We were able to be in a huge crowded place and still find a private, comfortable corner in which to eat, which is a big deal for me. The entire area felt open and bright and friendly. The design is beautiful.

We loved it and are hoping to talk our extended family into going weekly for Doughnut Night, which is the weekly Nelson family dinner. Yes?