A Dog to Give Away


Dave Perrin, DVM

Illustrated by

Carlos David Gonzalez Rubio

A Dog to Give Away is another wonderful book by Dave Perrin, DVM. It focuses on one of my very favorite characters of the series, Dr. Perrin's dog Lug.

This is a much faster read than the other books, and can be read independently of the series. 

Since this is a book, and not a movie (yet!) you have no way to know in advance if Lug survives for the duration of the story unless I spoil the book for you now.

Were this a movie, you could check the very helpful website, Does the Dog Die? which I have not failed to check before every movie ever since watching Hachiko and Turner and Hooch, both with the whole family. (Again, I am so, so sorry Abby and Amanda!) We even skipped the first half of Jaws after a heads up from that site.

You have now had ample time to leave if you do not want to know a major plot point of A Dog to Give Away.

Spoiler alert...

I am not kidding. I am totally going to tell you.

Does the dog die?

Of course not! Lug does not die! Have I EVER recommended a book or movie or anything in which a dog dies? Well a blog post here and there perhaps, but like I always yell at the end of Criminal Minds, "When you get to make up a story, why would you make it messed up??"

This is (mostly) not a made up story, and I loved it so much.

You will too.

Thank you (again!) Derek Thiessen for the gift of this book. Thank you (again!) Dr. Perrin for writing it. It was a wonderful read. PLEASE keep writing!

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