I am thankful for my first job at Columbine Animal Hospital.

The first job I accepted in Denver was at Columbine Animal Hospital. I worked 80 hours a week including overnights. I struggled as a vet just out of school and often on my own. The atmosphere at work was a smidge bit toxic. Well, no, it sucked. It was very demotivating, but I was in mountain and forest and lake and dirt bike country living my dream of being a vet, and we couldn't be happier. At first.

FinchDVM 10259.jpg

My boss at Columbine Animal Hospital had Russ and I over for Christmas Eve. He gave me my first stethoscope which I still have today and is the best one I have ever had.

He took me on a balloon ride. A balloon ride you guys!

FinchDVM 10260.jpg

He took us boating a couple of times and let me carry his Miniature Dachshund Sherman everywhere. Sherman loved being carried like a baby. (I got my first and only case of ringworm on my inner elbow from Sherman's ears.)

FinchDVM 10261.jpg

When work gets rough, it's never as rough as overnights with two snake venom cases and one vial of antidote. (Littleton Hospital saved us. I didn't know how gutsy that was to ask. I just asked.)

When I get lonely for my family, they are never as far away as they were that first year.

When I work super hard, it is never on a continually busy day then night shift with no technical help.

When I struggle with ethical decisions, and, I hope, choose correctly, I never get as  much friction as I did at Columbine.

Columbine Animal Hospital made me tough. The rare down time I got was spent doing amazing things in the beautiful outdoors of Colorado. I treasure the time and the experiences. I haven't always, but I do now.


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