On Friday February 17, 2017 I got home from work and sat in the car to hear the end of a song on the Alexander Hamilton soundtrack. Normally, I come right inside when I get home. Joy and Luna were having none of my stalling.

Joy opened the glass front door and ran to the car followed closely by Luna. I opened the door to explain I was listening to a song and would be right in, but instead of being reasonable dogs, they jumped into the car for a road trip.

Russ came outside to say I did not need to take them on a road trip just because they got into the car. When I said I didn't think it would be kind to dash their hopes especially when they were already in the car and ready to go, Russ got into the car too followed by Amanda and Abby who had come outside to see what was going on.

FinchDVM 2160.jpg

We drove around the block much to the delight of both dogs. Since we were out, we stopped to get gas and tacos.

At Abelardo's , Russ told the team we were impressed they had closed for A Day Without Immigrants the day before and that we were really happy they are a part of the Omaha community. Also he said thank you for the tacos and churros. He is my favorite guy.

We headed home for dinner. It had been a very fun road trip for all.


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February 19, 2016