We have a Husky patient who comes in frequently for a bath and to be brushed out. His Husky brother, who always came in with him, recently passed away, leaving a Husky shaped hole in his heart, our hearts and their Mom and Dad's hearts.

They were the best dogs. He is still the best dog.

When you are a big furry dog, a bath and brush becomes an all day affair. Between steps, he comes into the office with me and looks out the window, as he and his brother used to always do together.

The other day, our Husky friend came in for blood work. When a patient only needs to have blood drawn, it takes mere seconds.

Husky had his blood drawn and trotted into the office. He looked at the closed blinds then looked over his shoulder at me.

"You don't have to stay today, buddy," I said.

He sat down and stared at the closed blinds.

I got up and opened the blinds. He stood up and looked out the window for a while.

When he heard his Mom calling from the front, he turned around, bid me farewell and headed home.

I love that dog so much.


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April 25, 2016