This is the longest I’ve gone between postings since the Riley and James website when I sometimes wrote every three months! I have tried to make this a daily blog, but obviously I haven’t written since Halloween, so…

Luna is still doing great. No return of cancer signs - woo! She will get to wear her Christmas collar! In fact, I will put it on her now and include a picture for you.

Me: Look up! Luna, look up!  Joy: I will do anything to make you happy!  Luna: (unprintable)

Me: Look up! Luna, look up!

Joy: I will do anything to make you happy!

Luna: (unprintable)

Luna has her three month check up with Dr. Krapfl and me this month - an exam, blood work, chest x-rays and abdominal ultrasound to check for signs of cancer - mainly enlarged lymph nodes - and a heart ultrasound to make sure the chemotherapy has not hurt her heart.

Joy is doing well too. She just turned ten years old. Abby and I checked 14 (14!) bumps on her - all benign - woo!

We got a little blue Neon car for Amanda and Abby. I love it so much. They do too! Amanda is driving all over the place. Abby is still hesitant - her first time out she crashed a parked car. They are both very good drivers though. Hopefully Abby will get her confidence back soon!

My brother Bill and his family were in town from Ohio for Thanksgiving. Hey! I will post that next. Will that be too confusing out of order? I have GOT to get my writing act together. It was a very fun holiday.

Depression has made me more tired than sad lately. I am figuring out how to ration my energy though, and that is improving. Dr. Bashara allowing me to go part time has been a life saver.

And finally, here is a picture of super tiny doll house furniture that Amanda is working on…The balls of yarn are smaller than marbles! I love it so much!

FinchDVM 23.jpg

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! More posts coming more often… :)